I am a 29 year old inquisitive and perceptive person with a holistic worldview. By this I mean that I mainly focus on the big picture and try to make connections between different aspects. I think it is important to understand the entire context. Because of my curious and inquisitive attitude, I quickly learn new things. Furthermore I would describe myself as a dreamer and an idealist, someone who tries to contribute to a better world through his work. In my job I’m looking for an environment in which I can feel meaningful. Ideally I work on a project basis to have as much variation as possible. I am also dutifully, punctual, flexible and I work well in a team.

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Work experience

Urban Farmer
PLNT, Antwerp, Current job.

I was contacted by the people of PLNT, a new urban farming start-up in Antwerp, to be the person responsible for everything concerning the plants. My tasks consist of seeding, harvesting, maintaining the system and delivering to clients.

Handing over operations of the ‘InStore Farm’

Vegobel, Antwerp, December 2017 – December 2018.

Since December 2017 Infarm has transferred the operation of the ‘InStore Farm’ to Vegobel, a herb growing company. I was asked to be in charge of this transfer. During this time I made sure everything kept going smooth and by the end I trained my successors and helped think about a new operational structure.

Responsible person for the ‘InStore Farm’ in Metro
Infarm – Indoor Urban Farming, Antwerp, September 2016 – November 2017.

A farm installation of Infarm was integrated in the store of Metro Antwerpen Noord.
I worked as a freelancer and was responsible for this ‘InStore Farm’ where I was the link between the store manager of Metro and the project manager of Infarm in Berlin. Daily tasks consisted of maintenance of the system, seeding and harvesting, and maintaining the stock.

R&D and Grower

Infarm – Indoor Urban Farming, Berlin, March 2016 – August 2016.

Given the good cooperation during my internship, I was offered a permanent job at Infarm, in the position of ‘Grower’. This within the Research & Development department where research on different plant species, light recipes and nutritional value is done. I also maintained the ‘InStore Farm’ in the wholesale store Metro Friedrichshain in Berlin.

Festen / Zomer van Antwerpen / Ultimate Services, 2012 – 2016.


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Internship & Education

Internship in Berlin

Infarm – Indoor Urban Farming, Berlin, October 2015 – February 2016.

After my Urban Planning study, I decided to follow an internship at Infarm in Berlin, a start-up that offers ‘farming as a service’, with the aim of making cities self-sufficient in terms of food production. By means of hydroponic cultivation systems they offer restaurants, supermarkets, hotels or private individuals the opportunity to grow their own vegetables and herbs throughout the year and thus reduce the impact on the environment and prevent food waste. As a trainee, my main task was to maintain various plant research installations and I helped with the construction of new installations.

Master in Urban Planning

Graduated cum laude, University of Antwerp.

I lived in Paramaribo, Suriname for three months of my study in function of my master’s thesis on local housing problems. For this I worked together with the National Planning Bureau.

Bachelor in Product Development

Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen, 2012.


Rudolf Steinerschool

Lier, 2008.
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Skills & Interests







Interests & Hobbies

  • Urban agriculture (I have a roof garden at the PAKT site in Antwerp)
  • Non fiction books
  • European cities
  • History
  • Old Industrial buildings
  • Vinyl records
  • Canoe building
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Hannes De Bisschop
Londenstraat 36
2000 Antwerpen
(+32)498 14 27 75